Funding and Awards

Scholarships and Fee waivers

Urdang continuously explores creative ways to give their students additional opportunities to develop their craft.

In order to support the Academy’s ethos in embracing diversity and raw talent, there are vital funding options available to selected students who may require additional financial assistance.

Funding awards are allocated to eligible students following successful auditions.



Dance and Drama Awards (DaDA) for the Diploma

Urdang Academy is one of the leading performing arts training providers in the UK and is subsequently part of the Government’s DaDA scheme, administered by the EFA (Education Funding Agency). Urdang is allocated award funding for students each year.

  • Means-tested DaDAs are awarded to students who can demonstrate potential employability at the funding audition. Please see how to apply for more information.
  • New students who are offered awards will be funded to the end of their course.
  • Income assessment of the awards means that support for students from low-income households will be increased.

For example, a student who is offered an award based upon their funding audition and whose annual household income is under £30,000 will pay no fees for their course. If their household income is under £21,000 they will also receive up to a maximum of £5,185 per annum in a grant to help with living costs. Details of the levels of support are available here.

This information is correct at the time of publishing. Students will be notified of any changes to this information and the website updated accordingly.

Urdang Fee Reduction Awards

Through multiple fundraising activities Urdang operates an internal fee reduction scheme. This takes into account both employability potential and financial circumstance. The bursaries are awarded to selected Diploma and Degree students who demonstrate their potential at the audition.

Pullman Scholarship

Pullman Scholarship LogoWe have an exciting partnership with Pullman London St Pancras – The Shaw Theatre. This relationship has established the Pullman Scholarship, which sponsors a student who demonstrates exemplary potential, with preference given to a student living in the London Borough of Camden.


The Shaw Theatre Logo


The Andrew Lloyd Webber Performing Arts Scholarship

The Trustees of The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation fund 10 new Musical Theatre course scholarships each year at renowned musical theatre colleges throughout the UK.

These scholarships are known as ‘The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Scholarships’ and are awarded by the schools as part of the audition/selection process on the combined basis of merit and financial need. Please note students will be means-tested for scholarship eligibility.

Scholarships are awarded for course fees only and no maintenance grants will be given.

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation is advised by David Grindrod in the selection of scholarship courses and students.

Please note that applications for the scholarship made directly to The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation will not be considered.

Aaron Morgan Bursary Fund

The Aaron Morgan Bursary Fund was established in memory of Aaron Morgan. Aaron studied at Urdang before starring in the West End production of the Lion King but sadly passed at the age of 27. The bursary is designed for current students in need of further financial assistance during their study at Urdang. Urdang have given one full scholarship and further funds have been raised in collaboration with the casting team at the Lyceum Theatre to go towards student maintenance.

Applications for this course should be made directly to Urdang for the attention of Miss Pope, College Principal. Application forms can be collected from the main office.